Working with Adirondack Timber Craftsmen begins with reaching out.
Have a preservation or restoration project? Contact us!
Preservation or restoration of your timber framed structure begins with a conversation! Let's discuss your building, define expectations for use, and work out your vision. On site, we can investigate rot, tilt, ground conditions, roof conditions, and other relevant structural questions we may have. Together, we can create a budget and time schedule to complete the project. Our Projects page showcases some examples of our preservation and restoration work.
Interested in new construction? Contact us!
Let's discuss the concept and scope of your new project. We can be contacted at many stages of your project, from napkin sketch to already in progress. With our design and engineering resources, we can take a project from anywhere along its path and turn it into a timber frame structure. Our Projects page showcases some of our new construction process!

Email or call us at 518.578.4776 to begin a conversation.
Credit Curtis Milton